SSD Issue #9

The author’s state, “we have been working on adding functionality to the existing R-package ssdtools to incorporate this capability”. In what capacity are the authors working to add this functionality?

SSD Issue #8

it would be helpful to understand what were the limitations of the ECETOC workshop. Perhaps providing information as to who attended (e.g. affiliations, nationalities) and how many people attended- as one of the recommendations on page 28 Lines 51-54 is … Read More

SSD Issue #7

throughout the text the author indicate nations “developed approaches”, this should be revised to indicate what agency from a particular nation developed the approach. For example:Page 5 lines 18-20: “the Canadian province of British Columbia has developed…”Page 7 lines 19-21: … Read More

SSD Issue #6

Jargon and phrases like “cottage industry” , “under the hood” (line 47 pg 7) and “purpose-built software” (page 23) might not be relatable to non-North American audiences or non software experts in the field .

SSD Issue #5

Major findings and limitations would have been nice to see in the abstract

SSD Issue #4

In Figure 2 it is unclear to me exactly where in panel a the image for panel b is located? It would help if there was a black box in panel a showing exactly where panel b is a zoomed … Read More

SSD Issue #3

Figure 1 in particular, but to a lesser degree Figure 2 and Figure 4, have really low resolution and are difficult to read. Is it possible to provide higher resolution images?

SSD Issue #2

“HC” should be defined on first use and I think it would be beneficial to have a sentence explaining the reasoning for using HC5 in SSDs define= HC5

SSD Issue #1

an extra sentence or two in the beginning of the introduction defining/describing exactly what an SSD is would be beneficial

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