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New Report on Ecosystem Report Cards
April 4, 2014 
'Report Cards' and their associated scoring techniques are widely used to convey a measure of overall ecosystem health to a wide audience. However, as with most things, developing, testing and validating these metrics is not straightforward.

Revision of Australian Water Quality Guidelines
March 27, 2014 
The long-awaited review of the ANZECC/ARMCANZ (2000) Water Quality Guidelines is now well under way!

Turbidity Monitoring clouded by dubious science
February 17, 2014 
Regulators and industry around the country are using a potentially flawed method to set environmental limits on water column turbidity.

Breaking down the team barrier
21 January, 2014 
New research suggests that team effectiveness may actually benefit from tension and hostility.

Mathematics of Planet Earth
May 30, 2013 
Local and international experts come together to discuss how mathematical and related scientific disciplines can be utilised to better understand the world around us.

My mission is to have no vision statement!
15 April 2013 
Twenty or so years down the track and the vision and mission thing is still as popular as ever in corporate Australia. Why?

Canadian Environmental Science and Regulation under threat
12 April 2013 
The Canadian Federal Government is making drastic reductions in the reach and capabilities of its environmental science departments.  Read Peter Wells's Marine Pollution Bulletin article.

High Impact
15 March 2013 
The peer-reviewed journal "Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management" (IEAM) lists Fox (2012) as one of its most accessed articles in 2012.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Environmetrics Australia Home Page
Statistical Science for Environmental Management

Environmetrics Australia
is a small niche company, nationally and internationally recognised for its delivery of advanced mathematical and statistical services in support of better environmental monitoring, sampling and assessment.

Scientific staff have advanced degrees  (masters and/or PhD.) in statistics coupled with extensive applied experience gained from working on major environmental projects of national and international significance.


  • Ecotoxicology - we collaborate with international research teams to advance the efficacy of quantitative ecotoxicology. Our work is published in leading international journals and has had a significant impact on contemporary methods. We work closely with water utilities and natural resource managers to help make more informed and reliable decisions about toxicants in the natural environment.
  • Development of forecasting systems to predict water column turbidity and benthic light for major dredging projects (see news item on left sidebar).
  • The design, evaluation, and placement of environmental monitoring networks. For water quality, this is relevant to the cost-effective management of sediments, nutrients, and salinity. For air quality, this involves the siting of individual monitoring stations to 'optimize' the network.
  • Robust statistical methods for the estimation of sediment and nutrient loads.
  • The development of 'smart' autosamplers for measuring sediment and nutrient loads in rivers, streams, and drains. We have developed advanced statistical algorithms that result in up to 90% reduction in monitoring effort with little loss of statistical accuracy or precision.
  • Environmental risk assessment - our staff are recognised world experts in quantitative ecological risk assessment.

Short-Courses in Environmetrics

Environmetrics Australia provides specialised training in contemporary statistics for environmental researchers, managers, and technicians. Our flagship short-course 'Introductory Environmetrics' has been enthusiastically embraced by natural resource management agencies around Australia.

Other specialised courses in ecotoxicology, spatial statistics, time-series modeling, and Bayesian networks are also available.

For all enquiries, please contact us.